What is Kraut 'Jerky'?

We prepare the best veggies, herbs, and spices we can find, add sea salt, and let the traditional preservation method of lacto-fermentation go to work for up to a month. Once complete, we dehydrate our raw live sauerkraut at a low enough temperature for 20+ hours so that it retains all the probiotic goodness and flavor of the original fermented veggie

Are your ferments gluten free?

Yes, all of our ferments are naturally gluten free!

Is your sauerkraut raw?

Yes, our sauerkraut is never cooked, heated, or pasteurized. And our sauerkraut 'Jerky' is low temp dehydrated, under 118 degrees, for about 24 hours.

Are any of your products certified Organic?

Currently, none of our products have an organic certification. However we are proud to say that we always use certified organic produce, herbs, and spices. While we strive to use 100% certified organic ingredients, there are exceptions for hard to find items, especially for limited edition ferments. 


Do i need to refrigerate the kraut or jerky?

The Sauerkraut does need to be refrigerated before and after opening. It will continue to ferment if not refrigerated. While this may not necessarily cause the kraut to "go bad", it could alter the taste. This is a live, raw, active product, and is never heated or pasteurized. 


How long will it last in the refrigerator after opening?

We typically say 1-3 months. Now with that said, we've admittedly had jars of kraut in the refrigerator for over a year, and still ate them without any issue. 


What else can I eat it on besides a hot dog or sausage?

We hear this a lot. We eat it on anything, anytime of day. Tacos, brekkie or lunch variety. We'll have it with scrambled eggs, avocado toast, in a frittata, on a reuben, with some classic central texas bbq, in potato salad, in deviled eggs, or get adventurous with a curried Waldorf chicken salad!